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The artist Angela M Stout

Angela M. Stout

Born in Warren, OH

Lives & works in Broadway, NC

The basis for my art is an awareness of the duality that exists in the world around me. I perceive the presence of opposing forces, such as intellect and intuition, light and dark, warmth and coldness, beauty and repulsion, body and soul, good and evil. My paintings, prints, and sculptures aim to bring the duality of contrasting forces into balance. In addition to the philosophical concerns in my work, I maintain a romantic view of beauty in the world around me.

I am very connected to modern and historical art methods. My love of painting is inspired by Baroque artists, Michaelangelo Caravaggio and Rembrandt. Other major historical influences are Monet and John Singer Sargent. Modern influences are Gerhard Richter, Andy Warhol, and Roy Lichtenstein.


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